6 things to turn your loft into study space

Study space or study room is the demand of every home and if you people are deeply in love with books then definitely you need a separate corner for reading. How many of you think that loft in your home is useless? Well, if you people are thinking the same then let me tell you 60-70% renovation of your home is being done first in the loft. Turn your high-quality loft in Essex with the help of experts into study space by following these ways.

Adequate lighting

We all know for study lighting is important and dark areas won’t allow us to study proper. Arrange proper lighting that won’t let you feel tired. You all need to ensure one thing more apart from artificial lighting, always makes the best use of natural light as well. Natural light won’t be eye-stinging but artificial light could be.

Decent furniture

We don’t want you to decorate this space with heavy bulk furniture because in the loft it won’t be possible somehow. Choose a lightweight study table with a cozy rotating chair where you can sit with a cup of coffee and read your favorite book or work on your assignments.

Green Touch

Study space needs to be a source of relaxing and comfortable and we shouldn’t miss the chance for creating it luxe space. Greenery promotes relaxation and should have at least a few plants as well or lay a green carpet touch to not create a harsh appearance. It will make your focus better.

Wall quotation

It’s up to you whether you hang paintings over the wall or use curtains but to make this space motivational for you use wall quotations. It will give an interesting look at wall space. You people can also have a planner over the wall.


Don’t mess up your room with books and other stationery things. Have a bookshelf over the wall and arrange entire books there. It could be large or small as per space requirement. All types of books can be placed there.

Proper ventilation

Study space should have a proper ventilation system to avoid suffocation in the room. Especially in summers you also need a good quality air conditioner as well. Make sure a proper air crossing facility is available in the loft.

These ways are for making your study space a source of peace and less distraction for you. Take the help of experts who will let you know how to utilize loft conversion for study space. Loft conversion in Essex would give you numerous ideas for turn into promising spaces. Irving loft solutions is one of the top class company who has been providing best loft solutions for years.