Top 5 tips to clean block paved driveways without pressure washer

Block paving can be cleaned easily with a pressure washer but here we are going to share what else do we need rather than pressure wash. It would help you in cleaning block paved patio and driveways as well for the regular maintenance. It will look good and increase aesthetics. Take a look here in this blog and do let us know how much was it useful for you for cleaning bock paving driveways?

Remove Grease & spills

This is imperative to get rid of grease & brake fluid from driveways to keep up the appeal of driveways. All you need to do is to clean grease and use absorbent to remove this. It’s up to you whatever absorbent you want to use on this and leave it for a couple of hours. You can also leave it for 24 hours for stubborn stains.

Use Powder Detergent

It is best for people to use powder detergent over stubborn stains. It also works. Just take 2 cup detergent in hot water and dissolve quickly. For asphalt driveways and block paving, we want you to use recommended detergents.  Let it sit for at least 30 minutes and scrub it off the stained areas with decking brush and detergent.

Must have the essential tools

To get rid of the stubborn stains we all need to have important tools. It doesn’t matter you are about to clean block paved driveways or concrete these tools will help you in preparing the surface. Such as grill brush, absorbent, broom, sprayer, detergent & bucket.

Sweep off the dry leaves

We want you to sweep off the dry leaves because it would look unattractive and would create hurdles in removing stains. Rake the surface and sweep the entire driveway. Fallen leaves would create a mess that is not good so get rid of the leaves immediately.

Pressure wash driveways

This one is the best approach to remove dirt, mud & mildew to give an appealing appearance with power washing. Make sure you people are using the best quality pressure wash to remove dirt and debris. Soak the surface and use the recommended detergent only. Spruce up Block Paving in Worcester with high-quality experts. These are some tips that we gathered for you to clean block paved driveways without pressure wash. You can clean driveways with these simple and quick