What alternate options we have for driveways replacement?

We all don’t want to keep outdated things in our home, and this is the reason we keep on changing the old one with the new ones or even alternatives. When we are about to change the several things of our home for the renovation, then we shouldn’t overlook driveways. Usually, driveways in our home are laid more than 20-30 years ago, and we haven’t changed yet. Have you ever been given attention to change this with better alternate options? In this blog, we are going to let you know the best possible alternate options for driveways.

Gravel Driveways

 Are you looking for the affordable option? Then gravel driveway is the easiest option for home because of its easiest installation. We can achieve an instant makeover, but we need to take out some time for its maintenance. Gravel needs to be topped up regularly and required extra support. We need to clean weeds daily.

Paving Stones

 For an aesthetic appearance paving stones are laid over sand. It gives an excellent look for sure, but we will have to face some problems with drainage because of non-porous texture. Numerous residents are heading towards this option because of huge demand, and it gives the classic appearance to a patio with the stone pavement.

Resin driveways

 These types of paths are the best option because it has an extensive range of colors with useful features. Whenever you want to replace the driveway of your home, you should go for this and pick colors of your own choice. Resin bound surfaces in Hertfordshire are available in a vast range of palate and consultants are quite helpful for consultancy of their clients. Resin surface is extremely durable and last long to so many years. The best part I found is low maintenance and come up with an environment-friendly option.


 Concrete surfaces are easy to install, and it can be done quickly within a short time. These types of surfaces can get cracks easily, and it doesn’t last longer to 10 years. Extensive range of colors and designs are not available in this option so we can say this is not a modern approach nowadays. We all head towards those options who have a wide range of natural colors.


These are the best alternate options that you can implement for driveways replacement. Experts would also suggest the same opportunities, and it would be up to you to select the right choice among others.