Window Cleaning Liquids you can use at Home!

The cleaning liquids we buy from market prove expensive as the large bottle can be used for four to five times only. Most of the households prefer to make the liquids at home which can be used for a longer time and prove inexpensive too. Well, first of all, it is crucial to know the type of glass that requires cleaning as you shouldn’t choose any random cleaner for windows. So, once you are done with analyzing the type of glass, you can simply choose to prepare the liquid.

  • Lemon and Baking Soda!

The use of lemon proves favourable in so many ways, but when it comes about window cleaning, lemon is absolutely good to use. So basically, you will have to mix both items into two cups of water. You should put this liquid into a shower bottle and then try to shake it well. The shower bottle proves good to spray the liquid on the surface of the glass. The households should avoid rubbing the stains right after applying the liquid as they should wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes. It will be easy to wipe the stains after waiting for a short period of time.

  • Vinegar!

The use of vinegar proves quite beneficial because the stains can be removed within no time. The vinegar can be applied directly but adding a half a cup of water will also be an effective approach.  Vinegar smoothly cleans the stains without affecting the surface of the glass. It means that it will be good if you prefer vinegar over chemicals for flawless window cleaning in Chelmsford because chemicals leave adverse effects on glass.

  • Detergent!

Detergent that is used for washing clothes can be used for windows too. You will have to take a sponge that will be dipped into soapy water. A soft sponge can wipe out stains, dust, and clingy spots from the surface of the glass. Dishwashing liquid can also be used as a substitute for detergent. Meanwhile, the use of rough cloth is not recommended for this cause.

  • Vodka!

Vodka fights with germs and dust. When you choose window cleaning in Chelmsford, you can simply use vodka because it is one of the cheapest options. The households won’t have to visit the market as most of the time; vodka is easily available in all homes.